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Give the Gift of a Great Experience!

In exactly 10 days an excited group of travelers will experience the Dawo effect! We are

taking them on the adventure of their life! They will travel to the W Park in Niger and experience true wilderness. As you can tell from the Dawo Trails site, I love giraffe and I can not wait to show you the reserve in Koure. In addition to the wildlife, we will visit a sultan, a couple kings, and several chiefs. We will stream live on Facebook to keep all the members up-to-date on our trip. I am inviting you to my home and I want you to experience an Africa so wonderful and beautiful that you will never want to leave! The Dawo effect is more than just a trip or a vacation. The Dawo effect removes judgement and replaces it with love and hope, it removes fear and replaces it with trust and understanding. The Dawo effect removes miss-education and misinformation and replaces it with a deep and satisfying truth. Not just truth in West Africa, but truth in yourself and your existence. Dawo Trails provides more than an all-inclusive vacation with airfare. We are providing exclusive access to the best that West Africa has to offer.

We are fortunate to spend Christmas and New Years in Niger. Give the gift of a life changing experience. Give the gift of memorable moments and a well deserved vacation or family retreat. Gather Groups of families for a reunion, college friends, Church or other members of your religious groups, Greek letter organizations, and neighbors to embark on a life changing journey. There are still some slots available for all-inclusive vacations and the International Summer Camp for 2019. We will return with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. With more than a changed mindset, but a new outlook. Thank you for allowing Dawo Trails to provide you with a unique cultural experience!

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