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All travelers will meet at JFK International Airport a minimum of 5 hours prior to departure. After check-in and security, catch your flight to Casablanca, Morocco. After arrival at Mohammed V International Airport, take in the sights during a small tour in Casablanca after resting and having lunch.  

Day 1

Upon arrival to Diori Hamani International Airport, you will meet your in country Dawo guide and be escorted to hotel accommodations in Niamey. After eating breakfast and resting, you will be greeted by the official Dawo welcoming committee in the late afternoon where we will review itinerary and answer questions. Following, you will be entertained during the welcome dinner and ceremony.

Get your cameras ready! We will leave early and travel to Tapoa (the W park) for two nights. We will have the opportunity to visit Benin and Burkina Faso while looking for elephants, buffalo, gazelle, lions, and leopards!! We will also meet the villagers that live around the park. 

We will leave early on a day trip to Koure National Giraffe park. We will see the last giraffe in all of West Africa. After taking pictures and enjoying the scenery, we will drive to Dosso and meet the Sultan. We will be hosted for one night near his royal palace.

After spending time with the Sultan, we will drive to the Kingdom of Dioundiou and be hosted by his majesty Sarkin Bashir. We will pair you with a member of your profession to learn about day to day operations of the village! We will also take part in a service project. 

Get ready for another photo opportunity! We will leave early to drive to the town Gaya to visit the island of L’ île de L’été, a bird refuge. You will also see where Benin, Niger, and Nigeria meet at the largest market in the region. 

We will travel back to Niamey on the third day to meet with the Association of Traditional Chiefs and have a relaxing evening of local entertainment, a traditional wrestling match, and dancing!

Day 2

Day 3 & 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day  8 

Day 9 & 10

Day 7

After having a restful night sleep, we will leave early on the road back to Niamey. You will shop in the Grand Marche and the Artisan Market of Niamey.  This is an opportunity to get all the gifts and purchases to take home. After a full day of shopping, get ready for a night on the town. We will even provide child care! Guest will enjoy street vendors and learn about how the desert comes alive at night! Visit area clubs and bars for a night of dancing and having fun! For out last day in Niger, plan your own adventure with the support of a Dawo Guide. We will prepare for departure and attend the farewell ceremony.

Day 11

Everyone will meet at to Diori Hamani International Airport at midnight. After check-in and security, catch your flight to Casablanca, Morocco. After arrival at Mohammed V International Airport, take in the sights after rest and having lunch during a small tour in Casablanca. Be prepared for the final flight to JFK

Thank you for choosing Dawo Trails all inclusive vacation to Niger! 

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