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The children of Camp Dawo will enjoy daily adventures that enhance their cultural awareness and impact on the environment. Children will visit the animals and tribes withing the W Park and work with them on service projects during their time in Niger. The children will learn about agriculture and conservation. Camp Dawo focuses on building interpersonal relationships and does not allow electronic devices. If you are looking for a camp that is building and preparing children for a bright future, then CAMP DAWO is the place for personal and social development.

  • The children will tour the W Park and learn about the wildlife of Niger. A couple times during the summer session, we will wake early to catch the elephants as they go about their daily routine.

  • The children will tour the Giraffe Park Kouré and learn about the workers that maintain the park and meet the villagers who live with giraffe.

  • The children will brainstorm about a project they will complete with a local NGO 

  • The children will have a cultural experience and learn about the people and the languages of Niger.


Sample of daily activities and meals

Forms and Immunizations

Camper Agreement

Summer Camp Packages

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