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Dawo in the NEWS!!!

This is translated from French.

A Tourism Bridge Between Niger and the USA

Jennifer Salifou is an African-American woman married to a Nigerien man named Abdoul Mumine Salifou for 11 years in the State of North Carolina, USA. She has created an agency for tourism which she named Dawo Trails. Which means "To restore or return home" Trails. This name carries a lot of meaning and is also very symbolic. 

This innovation is an answer to the calls of His Excellency Mr. Elhaji Muhamadu Issoufou, the president of Republic of Niger who invited the Niger Diaspora throughout the world to return home and invest. The management director of Dawo Trails is Elhaji Ibrahim Makizzo and he decided to make American Tourism his priority. 

"I have visited Koure and I highly appreciate the presence of giraffes there. They are amazing creatures and more importantly they are the last giraffes in West Africa. I have therefore  decided to protect this area by bringing tourists. This will help conserve those species of giraffes. Asserted Jennifer Salifou. My intention is to build a hotel in Koure because no provisions have been made there for visitors' convenience such as a place to sit.  They go there for a maximum of 3 hours and leave for that reason. That is not what they want in reality. They want to stay there for a longer period of time. So these shortcomings need to be addressed. I also have the plan to invest and create recreational facilities like Bungalows, restaurants, and special places where tourists can sit and relish in the natural environment with the animals". she added with enthusiasm.

For this reason, the founder of Dawo Trials has planned the activities of her agencies in different phases: The first phase makes provision for the creation of places where tourists can spend time sitting and watching animals. The next phase is to make places where tourist can eat  and even have some rest. Bathrooms are also not forgotten in the plan. They are very necessary for the convenience of the tourists.

The only thing that is left for this project to start, is the allocation of suitable lands for their realization. "As soon as we receive the land, we will start fencing it to assure the safety of our visitors," she explained.

When we ask Jenifer Salifou the outcome that our country should expect from these projects, her response was so clear and satisfactory. "Before we see any outcome, it will be worth understanding that when the tourists return to USA, they will tell people things that are completely different from what they have been hearing about Niger and Africa in general. They will relate their experience is totally contrary to what they have been told regarding insecurity and the likes. They will also urge many people to come and see for themselves."

Among the 32 people that are enlisted to come and visit Niger is a nurse. "She is not only interested in coming to see the giraffes. She is also coming to visit some health care centers so as to see how she can support them in their task." Outlined the head of Dawo Trails.

The most interesting things are yet to come said Jenifer Salifou. This project will serve  as a bridge between Niger and the USA. She believes this project will sculpt a new image of Niger in the eyes of Americans despite the negative things that they have been hearing about this beautiful country.

This is not a Nigerienne woman talking with such a high level of patriotism but the wife of a Nigerien man and mother of Zaynab the cute little Nigerienne girl. Now it is left to the authorities of Niger to seize this great opportunity offered by Madame Jennifer Mumine Salifou.

Photo translation:

Top: Jennifer with spouse and daughter in Koure. Upper Left: With the minister of Tourism Ahmed Boto. Upper Right: With the Mayor of Koure and the representative of Dawo in Niger. Lower Left: The King of Koure. Lower right: Giraffes of Koure.

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