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Do you love couture jewelry and other hand crafted items?

Travel and tourism bring with it the opportunity to support local artisans. Dawo Trails is committed to supporting local women artist in Niger! We are launching a fair-trade African Boutique on the Dawo Trails website featuring African Couture! All of the products are made by women in Niger and shipped to buyers in the United States.

custom leather bags, poofs, and suitcases!  Niger couture African Boutique
Kadija makes custom leather bags, poofs, and suitcases!

Supporting the boutique will support countless women in their efforts to sustain healthy thriving families and communities. All of the items are exclusive, so the prices may vary depending on how much effort it takes to create, and the materials used in each custom-made piece.

custom handcrafted jewelry. Niger couture African Boutique
Maiga makes custom handcrafted jewelry

The sky is truly your limit! All items sold are high-quality and no two items are alike! You will receive unique custom art to wear or show-case around your home. Tailor your jewelry pieces using everything from gold, silver and pearl to glass, stone, and wood. Feel free to add precious gemstones like diamonds.

You can also buy hand carved masks and animals. Niger is known for working with leather, so buy handmade leather bags, poofs/pillowcases, and more!

Allow your purchase of something distinguished to positively impact the women of Niger! Support travel with a purpose!

Dawo Trails: Providing a unique Cultural Experience!

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