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How do you prepare for travel?

Dawo Trails has a group of fortunate travelers leaving for an All-inclusive West African vacation to Niger on December 12, 2018! For some, it will be their very first time leaving the United States. The question I am asked most often is "How do you prepare for travel?"

Niger Winter. Conditions in Niger during the dry season.

1. What is the weather and climate of the destination? December in Niger is the dry season and winter. Prepare for cool nights with a light jacket and warm days. According to Weatherspark, average temperatures in December are 88°F for the high and 63°F for the low.

2. How do I pack? I have ALWAYS been one to pack light on any international trip. Usually, to leave room for all the great finds I want to carry back home. Pack for comfort. Niger is hot, so I typically rotate about 3-4 lightweight cotton pants with 2 tee-shirts and a couple tunics. I want to be comfortable, but also presentable as needed. Everything has to be easy to wash and dry. I usually keep my nice tunics and any nice clothes I buy in Niger for business meetings, scoping out the night scene, and when visiting clinics. I wear my tees to the village or just hanging out with family. Men are able to wear collared shirts and casual pants. Jeans are great but can be a pain if they need to be cleaned. I placed some photo examples of clothing you will see and can wear while in Niger.

Passports to Niger

3. How do I navigate the airport and flights? Dawo Trails helps you with the Visa paperwork well before your departure date. This information is part of your welcome packet. Although we do not provide passport or immunization services, you can find info to help you get started on the Dawo FAQ page. Having your passport, immunizations, and visa in place well before travel is essential. You will not be permitted to travel if your documentation is not in correct or omitting necessary documentation. Always arrive 3-4 hours prior to flight departure to prepare for security check points and to decrease your stress! If this is your first time flying, there is a layover to give you a break between flights.

Elephants can be found in Niger

4. Are we going to be safe? Safety is the number one priority with Dawo trails. I often respond to questions about safety like this, "There are places in the United states where people still leave their front doors open at night and there are places where people are still advised to not travel down back roads at night (or sometimes during the day). This is the same all over the world. I would not travel to an unsafe place or region." Dawo Trails provides security for all travelers. We also encourage people to stay with the group and not wander off in a place where you are unfamiliar. My daughter travels yearly and I would never let her go if I did not think she was safe.

I am certain there are other questions I can answer. Please place them in the comments below. In gratitude - Dawo Trails.

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