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For the love of West Africa!

As the owner of Dawo Trails, I want to demystify the continent of Africa and provide an opportunity for people who are fearful of a continent misunderstood. My love of West Africa and the ability to use travel and tourism as a force to open minds and breakdown barriers is what led me to create Dawo. Dawo means to restore something back to Its original magnificence.

My goal is to provide personalized experiences for travelers in West Africa

  • If you're someone looking for a summer camp or a family vacation that is fulfilling

  • If you're someone who's taken a DNA test and found out, you have roots in West Africa

  • If you're someone who is just looking for a more meaningful existence

This is why I created Dawo Trails for you... to give you meaningful experiences that will outlast any material gain in this world. So, come with me! Let me show you my home, let me introduce you to my family, let me provide you a unique cultural experience with Dawo Trails

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